“HealthCare Reform” ~ Murder by Bureaucracy

and the best of the alternatives, and they will control his practice through their payment policies and regulations, forcing him to follow what they in their all-knowing wisdom think is best. Worst of all, they will decide whether the health care your doctor thinks you need is “cost-effective,” meaning they will decide whether the cost of your health care is worth it, to them.

The CEA report explains exactly how and why he is going to do that. They don’t use the word, of course, but nevertheless it is all overwhelming, government, health-care rationing, meaning you and your doctor lose control and choice over your health care, and centralized, government bureaucrats in Washington decide what health care you get and when.

Wake up, and you will realize that in Obama’s Brave New World, you are going to be the targets, just like the bank executives are today.

clipped from spectator.org

Wise guy liberal talk show hosts and writers of impassioned
letters to the editor have been lecturing me with the argument
that Obama and his Democrats are not remotely planning any sort
of government health-care rationing in their socialized medicine
plan, which is going to save so much money that they are now
scrounging around for the biggest tax increase in U.S. history to
pay for it. But Obama has now made fools out of all of them with
the release last week of his White House report, “The
Economic Case for Health Care Reform
” (.pdf), produced by his
Council of Economic Advisors (CEA).

Read the document, and you will see that it envisions a complete
government takeover of America’s health care in great detail.
Wise, all-knowing, government bureaucrats in Washington will
identify exactly what health care in each locality in the entire
country is waste, and eliminate it. They will determine
whether the treatments and health care your doctor has prescribed
for you are right,
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