Buying Health Insurance at a Government Store

The outline suggests consumers could elect to keep their individual health insurance policies. Still, it says that “by and large” the nation’s market for individually purchased health insurance policies would move to a new federally operated exchange. It would permit both individuals and employees of small firms to buy policies at less expensive group rates.

Let’s set aside for a now the fact that such a proposal would require Obama to reverse his position on an individual mandate from the campaign, and just focus on the matter of choice. Under the current system, according to Kaiser Family Foundation data, only about 6 percent of the covered population obtains their insurance on their own.

About 31 percent already have government health care of some sort, while 63 percent obtain it through their employers. While Democrats talk of people being able to keep the insurance they want, it won’t really be feasible under the system they’re proposing.

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, who was an economic advisor to President
George W. Bush, got his hands on what purports to be a draft
of Sen. Ted Kennedy’s healthcare bill.

I haven’t read the whole document and don’t have any thoughts on
it yet but thought it should be posted here for public

Here is the
PDF version
and here is the
Word version

The Spectator’s esteemed Philip Klein, who has been toiling away
in the Martha’s Vineyards of healthcare policy, posted a good
related item
earlier today

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By Philip Klein
Bloomberg News

House Democrats are weighing a new proposal in response to
Obama’s request for legislation. An outline of the plan
obtained by Bloomberg News would require Americans to have
insurance with some exceptions.

It would probably exempt those who can prove they can’t find an
affordable policy. There could be a tax penalty for those with
adequate financial resources who don’t elect to get insurance,
according to the outline.

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